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Talking science is designed to engage high school students and their teachers through interactive lectures and demonstrations. This annual event, led by a member of Rockefeller’s world-class faculty, is offered at no cost to the students or school.

History of the Talking Science Event

The Rockefeller University has a tradition of giving back to the community through education initiatives for New York area students and teachers. In addition to our many Science Outreach programs, we also host Talking Science, an annual event for high school students. Led by a member of Rockefeller's world-class faculty, Talking Science is designed to engage students – through interactive lectures and demonstrations – in an area of current research being conducted at the university.

Talking Science grew out of the Holiday Lecture on Science series, which was established in 1959 by Alfred E. Mirsky, a biochemist and Rockefeller University librarian. Dr. Mirsky modeled the lectures on a popular series of science talks for children pioneered in London in 1826 by Michael Faraday, who is considered to be one of the greatest experimenters in the history of science. Now in its 56th year, this annual event attracts over 450 high school students from across the tri-state area.

Previous Talking Science Events

Drug Discovery 101:
Precision Medicine in the 21st Century

Thomas P. Sakmar
Making Sense of the Senses
A. James Hudspeth
Inheriting More Than Genes

David Allis
Bacteria's Deadly Design
C. Erec Stebbins
Not Just Another Macrophage
Sarah Schlesinger
When Good Cells Go Bad
Sohail Tavazoie
Battle of the Mutants
Nina Papavasiliou
Life, through a Lens
Sanford M. Simon
Five Great Ideas of Biology
Paul Nurse
Covert Ops: The Chemicals behind Invisible Communications
Leslie B. Vosshall
Phage: Invasion of the Bacteria Snatchers
Vincent A. Fischetti
Viruses: Biology's quick and undead
Charlie Rice
Glia: More than just brain glue
Shai Shaham
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